Northern Greenhouse Expert

Job Description:

We need someone to help us organize the best possible greenhouse program.

Currently our team doesn’t have much experience with their requirements, construction or implementation so we are looking for someone to join our team and help figure out what the best options would be.

Ideally we are looking for someone who has experience with northern greenhouse construction/implementation and has time to help us during or after this event.

Co-op/Focus Program Advisor

Job Description:

We are looking for an individual with experience organizing co-op programs for school boards.

Ideally this individual will be able to advise us on the best structure for our program and connect us with school board representatives who would be interested in working with us and supporting the programs that we would like to run.

Carpenters, Labourers, Electricians

Job Description:

Please see job descriptions in Focus Forward ”Docs” section for more details, however in brief:

We are looking for skilled trades workers who are open to WORKING WITH AND MENTORING YOUTH in a very EXCITING ENVIRONMENT.

The job will demand cultural awareness, patience and flexibility but also be incredibly rewarding.

Projects include but are not limited to complete construction of projects such as Tiny Homes and Greenhouses.

Team Members

Job Description:

We still have room for more full time team members!

We’re looking for people who:
– Are passionate about our cause
– Want to make a difference
– Are go getters who love to run with their own ideas
– Are driven and not afraid of a challenge